Skinner: I _did_ Go To The Town Meeting With The Intention Of Ambushing Mr.

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Skinner: I _did_ go to the town meeting with the intention of ambushing
Mr. Burns. When it adjourned, I rushed to the lavatory to
apply my camouflage makeup --
[flashback to Skinner in washroom]
Skinner: [with eyeshadow and lipstick on] Blast! I took _Mother's_
makeup kit by mistake.
Chalmers: [walking in] Ooh, er, excuse me, ma'am.
Skinner: [gasps] Superintendent Chalmers!
Chalmers: [slowly] Oh my God...
[a shot sounds outside]
[back to the present]
Wiggum: So Superintendent Chalmers can vouch for your whereabouts?
Skinner: Oh, yes. But anything else he tells you is a filthy lie.
-- Ring-a-ding-ding, "Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part Two"