Bart: Psst! Over Here. Marge: Huh? Bart: Mom, I Need A Dollar.

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Bart: Psst! Over here.
Marge: Huh?
Bart: Mom, I need a dollar. Ever since you started teaching here
kids have been taking my lunch money, and I need that money for
Marge: Mmm, here you go precious. Now, go off with your friends.
[pushes him towards Jimbo, Dolph, and Nelson]
Jimbo: "Here you go, precious."
[they start beating him up]
Bart: Why isn't my mom stopping this?
Jimbo: We created a diversion.
Marge: That's a very nice jig, Kearney. Now isn't dancing much more
fun than bullying?
Kearney: [chuckles] Yeah.
-- Kearney the sissy, "The PTA Disbands"