Skinner: Well, Children, I Don't Know What You Did To All Those Substitutes, But It's Going To Stop Now.

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Skinner: Well, children, I don't know what you did to all those
substitutes, but it's going to stop now. Leopold?
Leopold: [bursting in] All right, you listen up, you little _freaks_.
The fun stops here: you're going to shut your stinking traps
and behave, dammit! This is one substitute you're not going to
screw with!
[Martin and Wendell swallow uncomfortably]
Marge Simpson! [she walks in]
[Bart swallows uncomfortably]
Marge: Hi, class! Hi Bart...over here, sweetie. It's me, Mom. Hi!
Hey! Hello?
Bart: [groaning] Ohh...
-- No groaning in my class, "The PTA Disbands"