Milhouse: This Bus Has Seen Better Days. Bart: Well, At Least It's Safer Than The Old Bus.

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Milhouse: This bus has seen better days.
Bart: Well, at least it's safer than the old bus.
[shot of old bus, propped up on blocks]
[a leaf from a tree falls on it; it explodes]
Milhouse: Uh oh, time to move: the hole's getting bigger.
[they climb onto the seat in front as their seat falls
Edna: Seymour, the children are playing in the hole again.
Shouldn't you get that fixed?
Skinner: Edna, you _know_ they just cut the school's budget. If I had
the money I'd fix the exhaust leak in the back. Actually, I
think it's causing some of our low test scores.
[shot of the children in the back surrounded by smoke and
drooling, except for Ralph Wiggum who looks normal]
-- One a Wiggum, always a Wiggum, "The PTA Disbands"