Marge: All Right, All Right, But If You Win, Don't Make A Scene And Dance Around With Your "woo-hoo"s, Please!

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Marge: All right, all right, but if you win, don't make a
scene and dance around with your "woo-hoo"s, please! We
can't afford a single slipup. They're judging us.
[Homer kisses Marge and Lisa, who is on the bed]
Lisa: Mom, did you like horses when you were my age, 'cause I--?
Marge: I don't know. Look, tonight is very important. Mommy has to
alter her suit so it looks like a totally new suit.
Lisa: [75 RPM] Mom, do you want to know the fifteen reasons I like
horses better than cars? One, a horse never has to--
Marge: I really need to concentrate on this, Lisa, would you mind
Lisa: You know how a horse goes like this? [jumps up and down on
the bed] Mom, like this!
Marge: I've already altered this so many times, it's not impossible--
Lisa: Whinny, whinny! Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mo-m!
Marge: [yelling] LISA, PLEASE!!!
[Lisa runs out while Marge continues her sewing]
[Marge pulls out her altered suit and examines it]
[Marge pushes on the pedal and her suit gets pulled into the
sewing machine]
No! No, no, no, noooo!
[pulls out her mangled suit]
At times like this, I guess all you can do is laugh.
[5 second pause]
-- Or sit until we fade to black,
"Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield"