Bart: See That? I Started To Do, Like, A Little Arabesque, But Then I Just Fully Went For It And Pulled Off The Demi-entrechat.

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Bart: See that? I started to do, like, a little arabesque, but then
I just fully went for it and pulled off the demi-entrechat.
Not that I'm into that kind of thing -- [drinks a Tab]
Teacher: Bravissimo, Bart! Next week, class gives its first recital,
and you, you will dance the male lead!
Bart: Dance in front of the whole school? What is it with you and
Teacher: I have know you have great conflict, Bart: you love ballet, yet
you fear the boys will laugh at you, no?
Bart: No, I fear the girls will laugh at me. I fear the boys will
beat the living snot out of me.
-- As opposed to the dead snot,
"Homer vs. Patty and Selma"