Andy: Hear Ye, Hear Ye. This Session Will Now Come To Order.

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Andy: Hear ye, hear ye. This session will now come to order. With the
cooperation of the US Department of State, we have present today
one Bart Simpson.
[everyone mutters amongst themselves]
I believe he has something to say. Bart?
Bart: [goes to microphone, scratches, clears throat several times]
I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what I did to your country.
[everyone applauds]
Andy: [jovial] Well, you're free to go, Bart...right after your
additional punishment.
Homer: Punishment?
Andy: Well, a mere apology would be a bit empty, eh? Let the booting
Homer: Booting?
Andy: Aw, it's just a little kick in the bum.
[a man with a gigantic boot walks in]
Bart: Y'uh oh.
-- Little meaning big, that is, "Bart vs. Australia"