Dick: Well, My Time's Almost Up Here, So, Uh, I'd Just Like To Say.

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Dick: Well, my time's almost up here, so, uh, I'd just like to
say...I know Woody Allen.
[a couple of people clap halfheartedly]
Homer: And now the winner for the most promising new series on
cable: "Old Starsky and Hutches". [funky music starts]
Announcer: Accepting the award is the son of the guy who played Huggy
[after the show]
Dick: Let's walk and talk. I, uh, I have some wonderful stories
about other famous people that include me in some way.
Homer: Er, can't, I gotta go distract bulls at a rodeo.
Dick: Hey, me too. We can go together.
Homer: Um...no, I'm going a different way than you, Dick.
Dick: Heh heh, your...churlish attitude reminds me of a time I was
having dinner with Groucho and --
Homer: Look, you're going to be having dinner with Groucho tonight
if you don't beat it.
-- Homer does the Ace Awards, "Homer the Clown"