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[Homer walks dejected through the empty alley]
Homer: [voice-over] My marketing plan attracted a record number of
police and fire officials. But few stayed to bowl. I'd
failed. Quitting my dream job was the hardest thing I'd ever
Al: You did a great job, Homer, and I'm really going to miss you.
The place has never been cleaner, and the way you kept the
young people away -- whew! That was beautiful.
[assembled bowlers murmur assent]
Anyway, we all pitched in and we got you this little going-
away thing.
[a jacket saying "Sorry you had to 'split'"]
Homer: [sniffs] This was the happiest time of my life. I'll never
forget you guys. Especially you, Joey.
Joey: [a young boy dressed like a shoe-shine boy] See you 'round,
Mr. Homer.
Homer: Don't worry, Joey, we'll make it to California some day.
Joey: Sure we will, Mr. Homer, sure we will. [coughs]
Bowler 1: It's going to be sad around here without you, Homer.
[bowlers murmur assent as Homer walks out]
Bowler 2: Boy, this is depressing.
Bowler 3: Hey, I know what would cheer us up: bowling!
-- Homer's grandiose plans laid to rest,
"And Maggie Makes Three"