Looking At The Photo Album] Marge: Here's Bart Sleeping.

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[looking at the photo album]
Marge: Here's Bart sleeping. Here he is dozing...here he is after a
visit from the sandman. Ooh, here's nappy time, Bart!
Here's a cute one: he's all tuckered out.
Lisa: Why aren't there any pictures of Maggie?
[Maggie looks worried]
Homer: Well I'm _glad_ you asked. It's actually a very interesting
Bart+Lisa: [groaning] Oh...
Homer: It all began about two years ago before Maggie was even born.
{Bart, you were Lisa's age and Lisa, you were...the age Bart
was several years ago.}
Bart: {Get the camera ready, Bart very sleepy...[yawns]}
-- Photo ops, "And Maggie Makes Three"