Number One: We Might As Well Face The Truth: As Long As We're Stonecutters, He Will Control Our Lives.

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Number One: We might as well face the truth: as long as we're
Stonecutters, he will control our lives.
Moe: Maybe...but _maybe_ we don't want to be Stonecutters no
[a crane removes a "Baskin Robbins" sign and replaces it
with "Abandoned Store"]
Number One: Silence! I now call to order the first meeting of the
ancient mystic society of...No Homers.
[George Bush unveils a logo]
Everyone: Yay!
Homer: [knocking] Hey fellahs, can I join?
Number One: Homers.
Homer G.: Hyuck hyuck.
-- No Homers, plural, already!, "Homer the Great"