Milhouse: What's Going On? Where Are All The Grown-ups?

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Milhouse: What's going on? Where are all the grown-ups?
Nelson: Who cares? With no adults, I _run_ this city.
[pauses, looks awkward]
Um...carry on. [walks off]
Bart: Listen to this: [reads] "Unexplainable behavior: individuals
acting in a secretive fashion are often involved with UFOs or
other paranormal phenomena, e.g., telephone explosions."
Milhouse: Jeez...if it's in a book, it's _gotta_ be true!
Bart: Scary, no? [points at author's photo] And _this_ guy's head
of the Spaceology Department at the Correspondence College of
Ralph: [walking up] Will you cook my dinner for me? My parents
aren't around and I'm not allowed to turn on the stove.
-- The love tonic's side effects,
"Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy"