Homer Answers The Door] Man: [on Pennyfarthing Bicycle] So, Er, You Don't Like The Old-time Bikes, Huh?

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[Homer answers the door]
Man: [on pennyfarthing bicycle] So, er, you don't like the old-time
bikes, huh?
[kicks Homer in the face, rides off]
[doorbell rings again; Homer answers]
Willy: Homer! I _love_ amateur video, and your show is the most
amateur video I ever saw. My hobby is secretly videotaping
couples in cars. I dinna come forward because in this country,
it makes you look like a pervert -- but _every_ single Scottish
person does it!
[puts in videotape]
Quimby: [on TV] Oh baby, oh yeah, oh baby --
Willy: Aw, no, that's Mayor Quimby. [fast forwards] Ah, here we go.
Homer: [on TV] Precious Venus...[gargles]
Ashley: Aah! [slams door, runs off]
Homer: Thank you! [eats gummi Venus]
Lisa: Dad, this clears you completely!
Marge: You know, the courts might not work any more, but as long as
everybody is videotaping everyone else, justice will be done.
-- A sad comment on American society, "Homer Bad Man"