There's A Lot Of Morons Out There And This Gotta Be Stopped.

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There's a lot of morons out there and this gotta be stopped. If you look at
the death penalty--we've got to start thinning out the herd and murder
might be the only way to do it.

This guy in Texas is going to get the electric chair. He's borderline
psycho, borderline retarded. He's not like either one. He's like a
singer/actress--can't do either one really well but dabbles in both fields.
All these guilty liberals are saying, "You can't kill crazy people, they're
crazy. They don't know what they did."

Well, if they don't know what they did, then they don't know you're gonna
kill 'em! Put 'em in the electric chair and tell 'em it's a ride.
-- Bobby Slayton