Paster Crosstalk: What Items Are Specifically Mentioned By GOD As Being Unclean?

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Paster Crosstalk: What items are specifically mentioned by GOD as being
unclean? Now did you know... preying birds... praying mantises...
All birds of prey, all carrion eaters, fish eaters -- no good, can't
eat those. Nothing that does not have both fins and scales. Most
CREEPING things...
Alvarado: How 'bout caterpillars?
P: A caterpillar doesn't have a backbone. Nothing without a backbone
can get in.
A: How do you know? You char a caterpillar, it gets real stiff!
P: Well, I don't think that the Lord meant us to eat CHARRED
P: The hog, the squirrel... little squirrels. Who would want to eat
A: If you're starving. If you're starving in the park one day.
P: You'd probably just CHAR 'em to get 'em stiff, wouldn't ya?
A: No, you SINGE 'em. You SINGE 'em and eat 'em. *I* read about the
Donner Pass, I know what man does when he's hungry.
P: Squirrels eating squirrels -- my GOD, that's sick!
A: That's sick, SURE. But a MAN eating a squirrel -- that's (heh, heh)
par for the course, Charlie.
-- Firesign Theatre