Riker: "Deanna, I Don't Know If You Can Hear Me, I've, I've Heard Doctors Say That Even When Someone's In A Coma, They May Be Able To Hear When People Talk To Them.

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Riker: "Deanna, I don't know if you can hear me, I've, I've heard
doctors say that even when someone's in a coma, they may be able
to hear when people talk to them. But it might help, to stimulate
the brain...speed healing. In fact, I think you did that for me
once, when I was in pretty bad shape. I just thought...it might
help to hear a friendly voice...even if you don't know you're hearing
it. We've been buzy mapping the sector. It's been pretty routine.
Themost unusual thing we've seen is a binary star system. Let's
see, what else. I finished the personnel review that we were working
on. You can check it out...when you wake up. I miss you. Please
don't stay away too long."
-- "Violations", Stardate 45430.9