Microsoft Mandatory Survey (#1) Customers Who Want To Upgrade To Windows 98 Second Edition Must Now Fill Out A Microsoft Survey Online Before They Can Order The Bugfix/upgrade.

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Microsoft Mandatory Survey (#1)

Customers who want to upgrade to Windows 98 Second Edition must now fill
out a Microsoft survey online before they can order the bugfix/upgrade.

Question 1: What is your opinion of the Microsoft antitrust trial?

A. The DoJ is wasting taxpayer's money. Now, if the DOJ were to upgrade
all of its computer systems to Windows, then the department would be
making wise use of tax dollars.

B. All of the Microsoft email messages that the evil government has
presented as evidence are obviously taken out of context or have been
completely twisted around. I mean... Bill Gates would never say "let's
cut off their air supply" in a memo; it's an obvious fabrication.

C. Judge Jackson is obviously biased in favor of the DOJ's vigilante
persecution of Microsoft.

D. If Microsoft loses, it will be the gravest miscarriage of justice in
all the history of mankind.