Speaking Of Fun Practical Jokes With A Car, I Have A Couple Of Interesting Ones.

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Speaking of fun practical jokes with a car, I have a couple of
interesting ones.

1) Give the victims car an oil change, to 70 wieght oil. This should
work very well in places where it gets cold because when it is cold
enough, the oil should more resemble a brick the oil, and the car should
be unable to crank. I wonder how long it would take even a good
mechanic to figure out what has been done.

2) A Classic. Stones in the hubcaps. If done correctly, the driver
will hear something rattling in the hupcaps and check to see if it is
the wheel nuts, finding nothing, they will continue , only to hear the
sound again.

3) When expressway driving becomes boring. This trick is been done with
a radar detector and a very fast (looking) car. While driving on the
expressway, look for a fast car that looks like it may not have a radar
detector. Accelerate hard to about 70 and see if the other car follows.
If it does, bring your car up as fast as you feel safe and pretend to be
racing him. This should get the other car's driver to start going very
fast. Continue this "race" until you come on a turn or hill. After
going through the turn, hit your brakes hard and bring the car to
exactly 55.00 mph. The effect is to make every one on the road start
doing 55.00 because they assume that if you are going that fast, youmust
have a radar detector, and it must have just gone off. (I hope I don't
need to mention the illigalities with this joke, and the need for a
radar detector.)