A Nifty, If Difficult, Practical Joke: This Only Really Works With Friends (preferably The Trusting Type).

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A nifty, if difficult, practical joke:

This only really works with friends
(preferably the trusting type). Get the victim to
your house, then talk (or do whatever you normally
do together) for a while. Then mention an
interesting effect you read about recently and
wanted to show him/her. Fill a glass (preferably
a short, squat glass) with water, and have a
baseball bat or a similar long, cylindrical object
handy. Stand on a chair with the glass, and press
the mouth of the glass against the ceiling. Have
your friend/victim press the bat/whatever against
the bottom of the glass hard enough so that the
pressure will hold the glass to the ceiling. The
theory is that if you keep the glass against the
ceiling long enough, it will adhere to the ceiling
without the bat holding it up. Then put the chair
back, and tell your friend that it'll take about
five minutes or so for the bond to form. Take
turns holding the glass up with the bat to avert
suspicion. When the victim is "on duty" once
again, casually mention that you have a few things
to do. Put your jacket on and leave the house.
(Of course, you're going to come back, aren't you?
You just wanted to see the look on his face,
right?) If you can get this to work (which you can,
if you are convincing and the victim is gullible), it's a
marvelous joke. I pulled this on my roommate -
but there was one small problem - when I left our
room, the door was locked and I had forgotten my
keys. My other roommate showed up in about ten
minutes, but it was not a happy scene...