This Old Man Rambles Into A Bar And Shuffles Up To The Counter.

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This old man rambles into a bar and shuffles up to the counter. He leans
over the counter and says to the bartender "I'll gouge my eye out for $25."
The bartender says, "I'm game," so the old man pops out a fake eye with a big
grim and takes the $25. Then he says, "For $50 I'll bite my other eye." The
bartender then says, "You must have at least one good eye, so I'm in." So the
old man pulls out his dentures and moves them in a biting motion over his
other eye and takes the money. The old man then says "For ..." The bartender
cuts in and says, "I'm not going to pay you to do anything else." So the old
man shuffles of to the back room. About thirty minutes later he comes back up
to the bartender and says, "I'm going to give you a chance to get your money
back. I'll bet you $100 That I can pee into a shot glass on one end of the bar
from the other end of the bar." The Bartender thinks this over and agrees to
it. So the bartender puts a shotglass at one end and the old man stands up on
the other end a pulls it out and starts peeing all over the bar, stools, and
even the bartender. The bartender jumps up for joy knowing that he has just
won his hundred when he notices the old man laughing. He asks the old man why
he is laughing and the old man says, "I just bet two men in the back $500 that
I could pee all over you and the bar and have you like it."