A Slightly Drunk Man Walked Into A Bar, Went Up To The Bartender, And Said, "I'll Bet You $

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A slightly drunk man walked into a bar, went up to the bartender,
and said, "I'll bet you $50 I can bite my right eye!" Noticing the
man had had a few to drink, the bartender took him up on it. The
drunk then proceded to pop out a glass eyeball, and bite it. The
bartender paid, and the man left.

The next day, the man returned, a little drunker than the previous
day, and he said to the bartender, "I'll bet you $50 I can bite my
left eye!" Knowing that the man couldn't have two glass eyes, the
bartender again took him up on it. This time, the man pulled out his
false teeth and 'bit' his eye. (Ouch!) The bartender paid up.

The next day, the man came in stone drunk. He went to the
bartender and said, "I'll give you a chance to get your money back.
I'll bet you a hundred dollars that you can put a shot glass on the
other end of the bar, and I can stand on this end (20 feet away) and
piss in it, without getting a single drop outside the glass.

The bartender just couldn't pass up the chance to get his $100
back, and the guy was very drunk, so he again took the drunk up on his
bet. He put the shot glass on the other end of the bar, and the drunk
simply pissed all over the bar. The bartender smiled and said, "You lost!"
The drunk just smiled and gave him the hundred dollars.

The bartender said, "You're not too unhappy about losing all your
money. Why not?" The drunk exclaimed, "Because I just bet this guy
at the table $2000 I could piss all over your bar, and you wouldn't