A Guy Walked Into A Bar And, With A Very Despondent Look On His Face, Ordered A Bourbon - Straight Up.

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A guy walked into a bar and, with a very despondent look on his face, ordered
a bourbon - straight up. The bartender set the drink down and, to his sur-
prise, a little man just over a foot tall climbed out from under the custo-
mer's jacket and onto the bar. The customer groaned and just put his head
down on the bar in total frustration. The little man glared at the barten-
der, took a sip of the drink and spit it out on the bar. "What the hell is
this donkey piss you call bourbon, you fat-bellied jerk!" the little man
bellowe as he turned and swaggered down the top of the bar, kicking ashtrays
out of his way and glaring at everyone. He stopped in front of another custo-
mer and said, "What are -YOU- lookin' at dicknose?!" He glared at everyone
in the bar again. The bartender looked at the guy that brought the little
man in with him and growled, "Where the hell did you find him?" The despon-
dent one sighed, "Its a long story ... I was vacationing in Ireland, found
a four-leaf clover, and was given one wish. So, I wished for a 14" prick
and ... well ... there he is."