How Does A Jew Say Fuck You? Trust Me. What's Green, Five Miles Long And Has A Thousand Legs With An I.

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How does a jew say fuck you?
Trust me.
What's green, five miles long and has a thousand legs with an I.Q. of 3?
A New York City St. Patrick's day parade.
How do you babysit black kid's?
Put velcro on the ceiling and tell them to jump on the bed.
How do you get them down?
Invite the mexican kids over for a pinata party!
What`s the difference between jews and pizza's?
Pizzas don't scream when you put 'em in an oven.
How can you tell a rich Ethiopian?
He`s the one with the rolex around his waist.
What's Ronald Reagan's favorite vegetable?
James Brady
What do you call an ethiopian with buck teeth?
A rake.
What do you call a woman with one leg?