What Do The Initials PLO Stand For? Push Leon Overboard Heard About The New Drink Called A Klinghoffer?

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What do the initials PLO stand for? Push Leon Overboard

Heard about the new drink called a Klinghoffer?
Two shots and a splash.
Why didn't Leon Klinghoffer take a shower the night before the hijacking
He figured he'd wash up on the beach.

What do you call an Iranian fanatic on a roof?
Shiite on a Shingle. <That one's not that funny>

Heard about the WASP who turned into a store and left the door ajar....

There is an old story about Prime Minister Gladstone, who was having a
chat with Benjamin Disraeli, while getting a blow job by a young
British Army Regular. Gladstone was so intent on his discussion that
he had to be interrupted by the youngster, who informed him, "Excuse me
sir, but you've come." "Why, by George, so I have!" he replied
cheerily, and tipped the lad a sovereign.

What's the difference between a light bulb and a nymphomaniac?
You can unscrew the light bulb.