A Young Couple Got Married And After All The Festivities The New Groom Made One Request Of His New Wife.

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A young couple got married and after all the festivities the new
groom made one request of his new wife. He told her he wanted
to designate a drawer in his bureau to be his PRIVATE DOMAIN.
She was to respect his privacy and never venture into this sacred
place of his. Well she was agreeable to this and went on to live
a long and happy life together.
After about 45 years of this marital bliss the husband became
seriously ill, hospitalized, and not expected to survive long.
The wife sitting at home, waiting to go for a visit, decided
this may be her last opportunity to unlock the secret of his
private door so he opened it up. Inside she found 3 golf balls
and 5000 dollars in cash. Later at the hospital she confessed
to her dying husband of her curiosty and asked him to explain the
contents. Well, he said, whenever I cheated on you I put a
golfball in the drawer. She thought about that fora minute and
figured considering they had 45 happy years, she could forgive
3 indescretions. She then asked of the 5000 dollars.
Oh that, he said, every time I got a dozen balls I sold them.