And So...the Young, Innocent Farmgirl Finally Made It To The Big City.

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And so...the young, innocent farmgirl finally made it to the big
city. Upon landing her first real job as a Greyhound bus driver, she
expressed her excitement about her new job by pleasantly greeting each
passenger that she picked up along her route.
For example...
Early one morning, while rolling down one of the back
country roads on her route, she pulled up to a gentlemen waiting at the
bus stop right outside of the local farmers market. The man was
standing there with a rooster, a hen, and a donkey - not an uncommon
picture around these parts.
So, in her usual, charming manner, she pulled up and
greeted the fellow with a big smile...
" Mornin' Sir... Should I grab your cock and pullet
til you get your ass in the door ??? "