Once Upon A Time A Sailor Ran Into His Doctor's Office And Begged Him For Help.

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Once upon a time a sailor ran into his doctor's office and begged him for
help. He pulled down his pants and showed the doctor his dick, which was
sporting a ruby red ring around the tip. He asked the doctor if there was
any cure for this strange VD that had appeared. The doctor just smiled,
soaked a cloth in alcohol, and rubbed the end of the dick three times. The
sailor looked down and saw that the ring was gone. Ecstatic, he paid the
doctor and ran off to catch his ship. A few months later, another sailor
came to the doctor and said to him: "A few months back, my buddy came here
with a ring around his dick, and he said you just rubbed it three times and
he was cured. Well, I have a similar problem ..." The sailor pulled down
his pants and showed off his dick, which was sporting an emerald green ring
around the tip. Well, the doctor just reached into a pocket, took out a large
knife, and with one whack cut off the sailor's dick. "What did you do that
for!?" screamed the sailor in agony. "Your buddy had lipstick around his
dick," explained the doctor, "You had gangrene."