Why Are Men Luckier Than Cucumber? - A Man Don't Fit In A Food Processor - A Man Only Gets Circumcise Once (cucumber Often Gets Multiple Cuts) - A Cumcumber Doesn't Have Hands When It's Desperate - A Man Can Compact His To Travel Size - A Man Can Say 'No

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 Why are men luckier than cucumber?

- A man don't fit in a food processor

- A man only gets circumcise once (cucumber often gets multiple cuts)

- A cumcumber doesn't have hands when it's desperate

- A man can compact his to travel size

- A man can say 'No, not you I won't'

- A man can say 'No, not tonight we won't'

- Teeth mark on a man will heal

- A man is still whole after being eaten

- A man can survive more than one woman

- A man is no longer a green-horn after sex

- There are no female cucumbers !