Now That You Know The Ways To Properly Post On USENET, Let's Try An Example

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Now that you know the ways to properly post on USENET, let's try
an example:

In article <>, Bill Netter writes:
> Dear Sally,

I object to your use of the word "dear". It shows you are a
condescending, sexist Pman. Also, the submissive tone you use shows
that you like to be tied down and flagellated with licorice whips.

> While I found your article "The Effect of Lint on Western Thought"
> to be extremely thought-provoking,

"Thought-provoking"? I had no idea you could think, you rotting piece
of swamp slime. :-) (No flames, please)

> it really shouldn't have been
> posted in Soc.women.

What? Are you questioning my judgment? I'll have you know that I'm
a member of the super-high-IQ society Menstruate. I got an 800 on my
PMS exam. Besides, what does a Pman like yourself know of such things.
This is Soc.WOMEN, DAMMIT!

Your attempts constitute nothing less than censorship. There is a
conspiracy against me. You, Colin, Charlie and the backbone cabal have been
constantly harassing me by email. This was an ad hominem attack! If this
doesn't stop at once, I'll crosspost a thousand articles to

> Perhaps you should have posted it in misc.misc.

It is my right, as granted in the Bill of Rights, the Magna Carta, the
Bible and the Quran, to post where ever I want to. Or don't you
believe in those documents, you damn fascist? Perhaps if you didn't
spend so much time sacrificing virgins and infants to Satan, you would
have realized this.

> Your article would
> be much more appropriate there.

Can you document this? I will only accept documents notarized by my
attorney, and signed by you in your blood. Besides, you don't really exist
anyway, you Pseudo, you.

> If I can be of any help in the future, just drop me a line.


> Bill.

Sally Sourpuss

"If we can send one man to the moon, why can't we send them all?"

Soc.women Women WOMEN, DAMMIT!