While Driving Through A Small Town In Old Mexico, An American Tourist Blew Out A Tire.

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While driving through a small town in Old Mexico, an American tourist blew
out a tire. It was during the siesta, so when he arrived at the gas station
a sign hanging in the door announced that the station was "Closed, come back
soon!" The tourist looked behind the station and saw a Mexican sleeping in
the shade of his burro. The sleeping Mexican being the only sign of life in
the small town, the tourist walked over to him. "Pardon me!" said the tourist
in typically tactful tourist fashion. Without even lifting his hat the little
Mexican said, "It's siesta time senor." "What time is this siesta over?"
demanded the tourist. The Mexican said, "At two o'clock, senor." Starting to
turn red, the tourist stammered, "And would you know what time it is NOW?"
So the Mexican lifted his hat, looked at the Burro, puts his hand under it's
balls, lifted slightly, and said, "Itz 1:30 senor." "You tell the time of day
by holding that ass's balls in your hand?" the amazed tourist replied.
"No senor - the balls was in the way of the clock on the station's wall ..."