A Friend Of Mine Told Me This One. Two Men Were At A Poker Game That Had Run Late

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A friend of mine told me this one.

Two men were at a poker game that had run late; 3:00 AM to be exact

Man1: You know what I hate about these games? When I go home.
I turn off my headlights, turn off the engine, and coast into the
driveway. Then I go to the front door, take off my shoes and
sneak in as quietly as I can. But my wife always wakes up and
we end up having a fight.

Man2: What I do instead is drive into the driveway, honk the horn a few
times, get out of the car, slam the door, go in the house and slam
the door. Then I yell "Honey, I'm home", run upstairs, slap her on
the ass and say, "How about a little love woman". And she never
even moves.