Heard This Joke From A Friend's Dad Who (as Far As I Know) Never Used A Computer In His Life.

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Heard this joke from a friend's Dad who (as far as I know) never
used a computer in his life.

So St. Peter was questioning a certain black fellow at the Pearly Gates:

``So, what achievements have you made in your lifetime?''
``Well, I once won a basketball game with a slam dunk in the last second!''
``Hey, that's pretty good! When did this happen?''
``Well, for that one you hafta go back `bout ten years''.
``Hmmm, that's kind of a long time ago. Have you done anything of merit
more recently?''
``Well, I once ran 100 meters in less than 10 seconds!''
``Wow, no one up here has done that before! When did this happen?''
``That was 5 years ago, back in high school. It was wind-aided.''
``Hmmm, that's still very impressive. One more thing and you're in.
Anything at all more recent?''
``Well, OK, how about this. I once made love to a white woman under the
bleachers at a Klu-Klux-Klan rally.''
``Holy Smokes! That takes real courage! Few men have done that before!
When did this happen?''
``Oh, jus' about 10 minutes ago. . .''

Mark Hall
Disclaimer: I hate racist, offensive jokes as much as the next person.