During A Recess In The Proceedings, Three Delegates To An International Agriculture Convention Sat Down For Cocktails, And Before Long, They Began To Discuss Methods For Driving Their Wives Wild.

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During a recess in the proceedings, three delegates to an international
agriculture convention sat down for cocktails, and before long, they began
to discuss methods for driving their wives wild.

The French delegate volunteered that he always picked a few roses from the
garden, spread the petals on his wife's body, then gently blew them off
before making love.

The Englishman declared that before making love to his wife, he would
massage her with hot oil.

The two Europeans then turned to the Texan and asked him his secret.
"Well," he said, "after the wife and I get it on, I hop outta bed and
wipe my dick on the curtains. That, gents, drives her wild!"