A City Dude Walked Into A Cowboy Bar With A Cat Under One Arm, A Six Shooter On His Hip And A Bucket Of Shit In One Hand.

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A city dude walked into a cowboy bar with a cat under one arm, a six shooter
on his hip and a bucket of shit in one hand. He walked up to the bar and
set down the cat and the bucket. "May I please have a beer," he said to the
bartender. So the bartender gave the dude a draft. The dude proceeded to
take a big swig, set down the glass, pick up the cat, bite off its left ear,
pull a sixgun and -BANG!!!- shoot a hole in the bucket of shit. Even in the
fly-bitten, dusty, trail bar that was something new - the bartender couldn't
believe what he saw! The dude took another gulp of brew, bit off the cat's
right ear, pulled the gun and -BANG!!!- shot the bucket of shit again.
The bartender was astounded! The dude took a third swig of beer, picked up
the cat, bit off it's tail, pulled the gun and -BANG!!!- he put a third hole
in the shit bucket. The bartender had to say something. "Hey, you, green-
horn!" he yelled, "What in tarnation do you think you're doin?" The dude
replied "Well, my good man, I want to be like you rough and tumble fron-
tiersmen: I came to this fine emporium to drink beer, shoot shit and eat
pussy ..."