Kentucky Fried Chicken Publicity Department Comes Up With A New Way To Promote Sales.

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Kentucky Fried Chicken publicity department comes up with a new way to
promote sales. Change the words of the Lord's prayer to read:

"Give us each day our daily CHICKEN..."

They arrange an audience with the pope to propose the change. Naturally
the pope is luke-warm to the idea, so to sweeten the deal the Kentucky
Fried representative offers to make a large contribution to the catholic
The pope once again considers the proposal and rejects it. The Kentucky
Fried rep now proposes to feed the starving millions and make an even
larger contribution to the church. Now the pope is interested but
that he must get the approval of the Vatican council first.

So at the next meeting of the bishops the pope starts off the meeting:
"I have some good news, and some bad news."
"The bad news is that we will be losing the Wonder Bread account....."