After A Saturday Night Out, A Guy Comes Home Bringing A New 'acquaintance' With Him.

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After a saturday night out, a guy comes home bringing a new 'acquaintance'
with him. The guy opens the door and leads his female companion into the
living room. The living room has the air of overstated technical elegance,
one has come to dislike over the years.
The interior is a sparkling dream (nightmare) in white, metal and glass.
(Your basic modern interior design of the mid-eighties).
"Well", sez the guy gesturing about the room, "How do you like it ? "
"Yeah!", sez the girl, "I kinda like it, but it's lacking something..
- pauses -
I think, It lacks some human warmth."
"hey", sez the guy, "That's no problem.."
and farts!