Guy Is In A Bar And He Sees A Couple Of Women. One Is Absolutely Stunning And The Other One Is Just A Dog.

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Guy is in a bar and he sees a couple of women.
One is absolutely stunning and the other one is just a dog.
As he is eyeing the foxy chick and getting nowhere her friend walks up to him.

"How would like to meet my friend" the ugly chick asks
"I would love to" he says
"How would you like to take her home" says the girl
"I'd kill for it"

"Would you like to feel her tits"
"God YES" he says as he gets more excited

"Would you like to stroke her ass"
"Love to"

"Would like to see her pussy"
"Fuck that would great"

"Would you like to feel her pussy"
"Please" he says

"Would you like to smell her pussy" she ask smiling
"Oh god yes" he says as he in on the verge of orgasm

"Ok" she says and leans over and breaths in his face.