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Friends, Romans, Hipsters,
Let me clue you in;
I come to put down Caeser, not to groove him.
The square kicks some cats are on stay with them;
The hip bits, like, go down under; so let it lay with Caeser. The cool Brutus
Gave you the message: Caeser had big eyes;
If that's the sound, someone's copping a plea,
And, like, old Caeser really set them straight.
Here, copacetic with Brutus and the studs, -- for Brutus is a real cool cat;
So are they all, all cool cats, --
Come I to make this gig at Caeser's laying down.

From etac0@nowhere Sun Nov 18 01:46:15 1990
From: etac0@nowhere (Yrneh Etac Broken pipe - No children)
Subject: Funky stuff - part 153

Igor Blimey (your baltic correspondent)
The plane was flying over African jungle when the engine failed. Its
three passengers, one from England, one from Germany and one from France
had to jump out of the plane with their parachutes. After a safe landing
the started looking for civilisation, but unfortunately fell into the
hands of the local cannibals. They were brought in front of the tribe
leader. He looked at them and said:

- You again!