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Imagination is the one weapon in the war against reality.
-- Jules de Gaultier

From etac5@nowhere Sun Nov 18 01:48:41 1990
From: etac5@nowhere (Yrneh Etac V - No more processes)
Subject: Funky stuff - part 154

This old Chinese man is lying in his bed, ready do die. The entire family
is gathered around him, all weeping and sniffing. He opens his eyes one last
time and goes:
"I have to tell you a seclet. It is velly impoltant to me..."
So everyone bends down, in order to be able hear his faint wispers.
"lemembel it is velly seclet."
Everyone holds his breath in order not to disturb the old man.
"Light, hele it is"
Nobody is moving, the room is so silent, you could have heard a pin falling
to the floor.