The Top 10 Good Things About Being In Iraq Right Now, From "Late Night With David Letterma

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The top 10 good things about being in Iraq right now, from "Late
Night With David Letterman":
10. No lines at the Baghdad Aqua-Park and Super Slide.
9. Get to be on CNN a lot.
8. If you have a goofball name like "Saddam" or "Tariq," no one makes
fun of you.
7. Guys filling sandbags down at the barracks know all the latest Dan
Quayle jokes.
6. Blasts from bombs might cause the veils on hot babes to fly off.
5. At least everyone has stopped talking about "Twin Peaks".
4. If you one of those people who like gigantic posters of Saddam
Hussein - the place is like Disneyland.
3. Good chance whole country will be in the next "Whatever Happened
To?" book.
2. Can party like it's 1999.
1. Still safer than New York City.