The Importance Of Remaining Calm The "On-Time Delivery" Section Of Collage #318 Reminded Me Of A Couple Of Incidents That Occurred In 1994 When I Worked At Domino's Pizza In Portland

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The Importance of Remaining Calm

The "On-Time Delivery" section of Collage #318 reminded me of a
couple of incidents that occurred in 1994 when I worked at Domino's
Pizza in Portland, Maine (a place I now refer to as the Evil Empire,
but that's another story).

[Editor's Note: Odd -- I thought that the Evil Empire(tMS) was in
Redmond, Washington, not Portland, Maine. Huh. ]

The first story is virtually a repeat of the story that you had in
the Collage. The driver delivered the pizza, the "customer" met the
driver on the sidewalk and took out a knife, threatening the driver.
The driver, being ten feet away, threw the pie at the assailant and
turned around to run, banging his knee against a car that was two
feet behind him.

The police came and found the guy in his apartment (he had given his
actual address) trying to hide in his bedroom.

The second story involves somebody actually coming into the store
and robbing it at gunpoint. The owners were there. Fortunately,
nobody was hurt, although one of the owners was a complete nervous
wreck for the rest of the night. The guys who robbed the place wore
ski masks, so identification was nearly impossible.

Fast forward this story about eight or nine months. A Portland
police officer pulled over a car for a traffic violation. The
officer discovered in the wallet of the guy that was pulled over a
clipping from the local newspaper regarding the story of the
robbery. When asked about the clipping, the guy apparently got
nervous and confessed to the crime, and turned in his two buddies.

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