The Importance Of Not Being Seen -- Take Two I Just Found Your Stupid Criminal Hall Of Shame, And I Think It's Great!

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The Importance of Not Being Seen -- Take Two

I just found your Stupid Criminal Hall of Shame, and I think it's
great! I have one for you, from Peoria, Illinois (my home town). I'm
not sure when this happened, but I remember reading about it. This
story even made the "America's Dumbest Criminals" book. Here it is;
I've shortened it a little.

In Peoria, Illinois, police were called to the scene of a home
burglary. It turned out that only one major item was missing -- an
entire houseful of new wall-to-wall carpet.

The officers on the scene had no idea how to track a hot carpet. As
they headed outside into the newly fallen snow to look around, they
found footprints and a long, scraped trail. The officers followed
the trail to a neighbor's front door. When the police entered the
house, they found the stolen carpet recut and laid to fit its new

The man who lived there insisted that he had purchased the rug, but
police showed him his own trail. He was arrested and charged with
the crime.

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