BATS This One Bat Returned From A Long Hard Day's Work Of Collecting Blood.

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This one bat returned from a long hard day's work of collecting
blood. Upon his return to the bat cave, he proceeded to hang from
his perch whereupon a group of his friends noticed the blood from
around his mouth.

They approached him and continually badgered him to tell the
others where he got that blood. Although he was exhausted,
he finally agreed to show the other bats where he got the
blood under the condition that the other bats would leave him
alone. They all agreed. So, the bat left the cave and with
him flew all of the other bats. The flew through the valley,
and over the bushes. The flew around the rocks and past the hills.

Finally the one bat stopped by this one particular tree which
stuck out sharply from the side of a hill and waited for the other
bats to catch up to him. As he and his fellow bats hovered
in front of the tree, he asked,

"Ok all you bats. Do you see this sharp edged tree?"

and they all responded in unison, "Yes?"

Then the bat responded..."Well, I didn't."

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