The Top 15 Surprises In Bill Gates's New Mansion 15> Sign Over King-sized Bed Declares, "Use Of The Words 'micro' And 'soft' Strictly Prohibited While In Bedroom.

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The Top 15 Surprises in Bill Gates's New Mansion

15> Sign over king-sized bed declares, "Use of the Words 'micro'
and 'soft' strictly prohibited while in bedroom."

14> No paintings, but live artists actually hanging on the wall.

13> Drawbridge is raised and lowered by hand.

12> Entire state of Rhode Island relocated to east wing.

11> Raises guinea pigs in his bedroom for extra cash.

10> No toilet paper, but handy stack of $100 bills.

9> Secret passage in library leads to Nerdcave where Bill keeps
the Nerdmobile.

8> Zima on tap.

7> Kato Kaelin sleeping in a corner of the trampoline room.

6> Tasteful and elegant 30,000 sq.ft. Hall of People Whose
Businesses I Have Personally and Single-Handedly Crushed.

5> Basement shrine to Kelly Bundy.

4> Hidden away in the attic: his beloved childhood calculator,

3> Everywhere you look -- Women!

2> With 27 bathrooms, there's never a need to ask, "Where do you
want to go today?"

and the Number 1 Surprise in Bill Gates's New Mansion...

1> Replica of the Eiffel Tower in the garden -- wait a minute...
that's no replica!!

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