YOU KNOW YOU NEED AN UPGRADE... If Your Sons Scientific Calculator Can Out-perform Your PC When Doing Complex Math If You Discover That The Newest Communications Software Doesn't Support Your 300 Baud Modem If Your Age Is Higher Than Your RAM If The Only Sound You Can Make On Your Computer Is The Hard Drive Spinning If You Have To Look For A New Computer Supplier Because Your Current Favorite Just Stopped Handling 8" Floppy Disks If Your Monochome Monitor Has The Words MS DOS Version 1.

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if your sons Scientific Calculator can out-perform your PC when
doing complex math

if you discover that the newest communications software doesn't
support your 300 baud modem

if your age is higher than your RAM

if the only sound you can make on your computer is the hard drive

if you have to look for a new computer supplier because your
current favorite just stopped handling 8" floppy disks

if your monochome monitor has the words MS DOS Version 1.0
permanently burned in

if you use punch cards to process your email

if the government starts sending retirement checks made out to your

if radiation from your monitor shows up on FAA radar everytime you

if you experience the thrill of finding a used CGA monitor for sale
at a ham radio swapfest

if your entire software library is made up of programs that do not
require a mouse

if your only experience with CDs comes from the bank

if you invite friends over for a cookout so they can help move the
PC down to the computer room you created in the basement

if instead of "Intel Inside" the sticker reads "feed hamster daily"

if a benchmark program rates your CPU as an abacus

if the label on your 8088 that says "Warrant Not Valid If Seal Is
Broken" is still in tact

if the folks at your local software store can't find any programs
with minimum requirements low enough to work on your machine

if surfing, chat, and mail are things you can only do at the beach,
a restaurant, and the post office

if the 'Year 2000 Bug' isn't a worry to you because your PC may not
live that long

if you haven't bought new software since 3 inch disks became the

Thanks by Paul Rice