The United States Is The Best Country On The Face Of The Earth 10.

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The United States is The Best Country on The Face of The Earth

10. Even lowly interns can meet the President.
9. Them other countries got nothing but foreigners!
8. The Pamela and Tommy Lee tape.
7. Three glorious words: "World Wrestling Federation."
6. In U.S. it is acceptable for a grown man to wear skimpy shorts
and a lot of oil.
5. Mexico invented the burrito, but we made it microwaveable!
4. Jeopardy's host: Canadian. Nine out of 10 winners on
Jeopardy: American.
3. If you're really good at sports, you get to kill people.
2. Europe may have fancy architecture, but we've got Hooters!
1. No fruity accents!