Unknown Three Friends Always Wanted To Play Golf On Saturday Afternoon But Couldn't Because Of Their Wives.

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Three friends always wanted to play golf on Saturday afternoon but
couldn't because of their wives. One day, after many years, they finally
manage to get together for a Saturday game.
Waiting at the first tee the first guy says, "I had to buy my wife a
diamond necklace to get to play today!!!".
A second guy says, "That's nothing, I had to buy my wife a new sports
car to get out here today!!!"
The third guy says, "Boy you guys are sure whipped, I didn't have to buy
my wife nothing!!!"
They both look at him, and at each other, and back at him. "OK wise
guy," one of them says, "just how did you manage that?"
"It was easy, when I got up this morning I looked her straight in the
eye and said, 'Golf course or Intercourse?'. She threw me a sweater and
said, 'Take this -it might be cold out there!!!'"