Why Did The Mexicans Fight So Hard To Take The Alamo?

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Why did the Mexicans fight so hard to take the Alamo?
So they could have four clean walls to write on.

Definition of a Mexican wolf:
Hot tamale looking for a frijole.

Why do Mexicans eat beans every day?
So they can take a bubble bath at night.

Why did God give Mexicans noses?
So they'd have something to pick in the off season.

What do you get when you cross a Mexican and an octopus?
got me, but it sure can pick lettuce.

Why do Mexicans have such small steering wheels?
So they can drive with handcuffs.

Why don't Mexicans barbecue? Because the beans keep falling through
the grill.

Why do Mexicans have large noses? So they will have something to pick during
the off season.

How can you tell a Mexican cesspool?
It's the one with the diving board.

What is the problem with Mexican cars and Mexican toilets ?
Leaking Hoses !

Why do Mexicans drive low riders?
So they can pick lettuce while they drive.

What did the Mexican man and the Polish girl call their baby?

Why were there 50 spics at the McDonald's?
Because they only took 2 cars!

What is 5 miles long and only goes 2 miles per hour?
A spic funeral procession with only one set of jumper cables.

What's the difference between a Jewish girl and a Mexican girl?
The Mexican girl has real orgasms and fake jewelry!

When does a mexican become Spanish??
When he marries your Daughter............