If You MUST Reply To A Rejection, Include A Description Of Your Joke Because There Is

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If you MUST reply to a rejection, include a description of your joke
because there is 0 chance I will remember which one it was.

From werner Wed Oct 26 14:06:34 1988
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Subject: Talk about service
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Date: 11 Oct 88 15:30:05 GMT
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A salesmen while on the road went to his motel room tired and beat.
Upon pulling down the sheets and about ready to go to bed after a long
and harrowing day, he noticed a hole in the wall with hair around it
and a little sign saying "Wife away from home".

So he decided to try the mystery hole, stood up on the bed and put is
(you know what into it). He let out a blood curdling scream and yanked
it out, and there it was, with a button sewn on the end of it.