There Was This Guy Who Got A Job Selling Toothbrushes.

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There was this guy who got a job selling toothbrushes. He set up
his booth on a street corner, and the first week he sold 10

The boss told him, "Look. 10 is pretty good, but if you want to
keep your job, you had better do better than that." He said he
would try, and left.

The next week, the boss asked him how many he had sold, and he
replied, "100." "100!?!" exclaimed the boss. "How did you do

"Well, it was simple," he replied. "I just set up a booth with some
nacho chips and a big bowl of dip and a sign that said 'free chips
and dip'. People would walk up, get a chip and dip, and eat it.

They would say 'This dip tastes like shit!' and I would say 'It is!
Wanna buy a toothbrush?'"